Lorenzo, you are a co-founder of “Incitement Italy”. What is “Incitement” and how did you get the idea for it?
Thank you EYA Community for your invite, I’m very honoured to collaborate with every one of you. INCITEMENT is the next generation of social business, powered through inspirational talks in 46 countries and counting. We connect people to social causes and to sponsors with the aim to create positive social impact. Our events will inspire you to create a meaningful contribution to the world, connecting you to the people to help you make it happen. Our social projects will allow you to impact the world  in your own way.
I had the idea to found Incitement in Italy thanks to Diletta Marabini, friend & colleague that during a journey in Malaysia in september 2014, she told me: “Lorenzo I knew Daniel & Zikry cofounder of Incitement Movement and with their event, they make new solutions for Global Issues that institutions and governement can’t solve. In Italy we can find more solutions for our young generation of social entrepreneurs”. So, after three months in 2015, we organized the first edition of Incitement Italy Event with great Success.

During the first event we organized a social business contest to help new projects and start-up about the folllowing topics: Innovation in Education, Support & Training for Young Entrepreneurs & International Cooperation with Incitement Chapters all over the world.

After 2 years Italian Inciters (that’s how we called Incitement participants) created 3 projects for every topic:

  • Innovation in Education: Scuola 3.0 Social Projects (Founded by Jacopo Tabanelli)
  • Support & Training for Young Entrepreneurs: Incitement Intensive Workshops (With Fabrizio Cotza Sovversive Entrepreneurs)
  • International Cooperation with Incitement Chapters: Incitement European Summit (Co-ideated by Lorenzo Olivieri & Ilaria Cusano)

Next focus is Incitement European Summit in Brussels! What is it and why we decided to organize it? You will find all news and how to participate in the following link, click here.

You are also the co-founder of Chakruna and have a passion for meditation & mystic knowledge. Can you tell us a little bit about your interests and how it relates to your work?
I approached meditation and spiritual path after a great change in my life, was 2011 and during the weekend I worked as music event organizer, DJ for nightlife & underground parties near my hometown. During the week I worked for a company which was not my real passion. In summer 2011 I had a real turning point in my life, a strong tinnitus (a very annoying whistle to the right ear) stopped my DJ career and the company I worked for closed the factory near my town. My father asked me to work in his company but that wasn’t my way either.

That year, apparently I had everything, free from my boring job, with a potential career in father’s company, money, more friends and a girlfriend, but I was very unhappy, my time in Filottrano (town where I grew up with my family) was over.
I started to change, and everyone told me that I was crazy to leave everything, but for me there was only one way…My Way!

To analyze and go deep to my way, I decided to start yoga & meditation first to help me healing from my tremendous tinnitus, afters like spiritual path. During my disciplined and everyday practice my problem to the right ear was solved. In that year I knew kabbalah spiritual path, that helped me to integrate and really understand all catholic doctrine that I had learned when I was young. Kabbalah is a powerful spiritual knowledge to go deep in your soul and find your real purpose in life.

My deep questions were:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What will I do in my life?
  • How can I be really happy?

To answer these questions I started travelling and during these travels, I started to create my own path. I started to deeply understand my soul requests and to take different decisions, different actions, different thoughts from other people and mainstream ideas, but all related to my spiritual well being, my real and deep happiness.

In that year CHAKRUNA arrived in my life:, the Mystic travel company that I founded in 2016 with my friend and colleague Jacopo Tabanelli. We organize mystic journeys in countries where there is a strong connections with nature, spiritual paths, Mother Earth and with what we call “The Orgasmic Way of Living”!

In this websites: www.chakruna.org you will find next visionary countries that we will explore.

How my spiritual & natural path is related to my work? It helps myself to purify from digital & professional life reconnecting with natural life.

You created your own job title: Digital Event Organizer. How were you able to create your own profession?
Since I was 6-7 years old my main focus was to organize entertainment moments for my family and friends, like little shows of the puppets with Christmas crib that my mom made at home. For my friends I organized improvised singing shows. At that age it was all a game for me, but when I grow up in the secondary school this game became real and I started to organize students carnival party every year as a DJ and after school I had fun in nightlife disco with my favorite friend Jerry who taught me the art of event organizing and DJ lifestyle.

During my turning point year 2011, I decided to be a real professional event organizer, give up DJ lifestyle and choose to attend for selection to Fiera Milano Academy, the best spot in Italy for Event Organizing and Congress Marketing. I started to study Event Organizer and Internet Marketing from the end of 2011. In October I was admitted to Fiera Milano Academy and my career of professional event organizer started: First working for municipality of Milan, then for Lombardy Region and three companies lead in personal growth event organizer.

After 2013 I decide to make my own company and I started to be my own boss. All my first customers were yoga & meditation teachers who wanted organize their events and communicate their teaching better online. After working with yoga teachers I started to create a team of colleagues and trained them in event organizing and online communication. In 2012 I realized that no one in Italy did this kind of work and so I decided to create my own profession: Digital Event Organizer.

This decision helped me to start working also for young entrepreneurs who wanted to organize their events and communicate them better online. I love my profession because workink as a Digital Event Organizer means working in balance with your creative point of view and your realistic mind. By organizing events I started to create the community with whom I work now: CHAKRUNA, Incitement Italy and 7 Tibetan Rites International School of Yoga. (www.setterititibetani.it)

What was the most valuable experience  you have had in life?
My most valuable experience I have had in life until now is my first mystic journey in Cusco Region, Perù. It was in February 2014 and with my best friend Jacopo we decided to go through a real trip inside ourself in a totally different cultural country from Italy. Different in the connection with mother earth, natural landscapes and spiritual knowledges. From the first arrival in Cusco, I felt something called “Navel of the World”: a great self-healing and self-realization. I immediately recognized this city as my spiritual home.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
In five years I see myself here in our own First Co-Living in Cusco (I’m spending minimum three months every year here), from where I answer this interview now, to plan & design artistic directions of festivals & mystic journeys around the world for CHAKRUNA and to organize Incitement European Summit events with Incitement Italy community.

You will be one of the EYA jurors this year, and will be able to contribute your very valuable perspective. What do you expect from this year’s entries for the European Youth Award?
From this year’s entries I expect an exchange of value and skills between Incitement Italy Community and other European entrepreneurs. My purpose with EYA is to support the growth of this european community of social entrepreneurs, that could exchange projects and make social experiments, like creating new way of living, aligned with well being, happiness and deep realization of every one of us.

What would you like to say to all the young social entrepreneurs before the EYA Festival?
My message to social entrepreneurs is: “Make all efforts to clarify your primary social business intentions”. With “clarify” I mean to search the real utility of your projects; Which solution you are bringing to the world and which problems do you solve? What is your focus to serve the community you chose?

What‘s your overall message to the EYA community?
My overall message for EYA community is a simple sentence that helps me to spread my creativity every time I remember it: Remember that the essential point of creativity is to be free from the fear of failing!