Founded by Vojta Ciml, Vojta Drbohlav and Tereza Horáková, the #EYA14 winner SlidesLive grew a platform offering and sharing over 10 000 conference and lecture presentations. The goal: Becoming the modern version of the large library of Alexandria!

You won the European Youth Award 2014 with your project SlidesLive. How does SlidesLive work? / Can you describe your project in three sentences?
SlidesLive provides professional conference recording. Our goal is to record every speaker and presentation in the world. By that we are creating Library of Alexandria for 21st century.

What was your motivation / intention to found SlidesLive?
It was great fun to record lectures and I saw education and knowledge as very important. I also wanted to be rich which proved to be nice intention but wrong motivation. Without fun and goal you will give up soon.

How has SlidesLive developed since 2014? Which were the major milestones?
We raised 1 million USD in funding, opened offices in Germany and United States. SlidesLive grew in revenue, team members and customer base by hundreds of percent. 

When you started your «business journey», did you believe that you will go so high?
I wanted to go high and I knew it was possible, you just have to try and believe. I had no idea of how it looked out there. And I am still surprised every day, it is a never ending roller coaster. And that is the fun part!

What was the most memorable moment in your career with SlidesLive?
Every day is memorable moment for me.

In your opinion, how did the market change during the last years and what are the main challenges you face these days?
We are experiencing a great era, markets are growing, and money is everywhere to be used right now! Of course it is not easy, we hear no every day, lot of rejection. But that helps you to appreciate your customers that believe in you and your product.

Do you have any tips or advice for all the other young social entrepreneurs and start-ups to bring their projects on the success track?
It will take longer then you plan or you wish! Do not give up, endurance is key! Also do not try to copy someone else’s success. You have to find your own unique way.

What‘s your overall message to the EYA community?
Enjoy the festival! If I would have a chance to go back in time, I would love to be on that stage again! Awards are not the end, you barely started!