DayCape is a mobile app helping people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) to manage life at home and in school by providing structured support. The application allows parents, assistants and teachers to connect with and support children and youth with ASD in the planning and execution of a daily schedule. The DayCape team is working on new features permanently, e.g. adding new features for teachers and parents as well as an Apple Watch app. We talked with founder Anton Håkanson about the idea behind Daycape and proud moments.


You won the European Youth Award 2016 with your project DayCape. What was the initial idea behind it?
DayCape is an interactive photo-calendar where you, as a parent, teacher or friend can help a person or persons to plan their day.

How did your project develop since November?
We enabled it easier for parents and teachers to help the kids with the planning with the parent/teacher app. We also recently launched a Apple watch app to help the kids easier view their day.

How did EYA help you to further develop your project?
Got a loot of contacts and helpful advices from other startups at the event.

What was your happiest /proudest moment in your journey with DayCape?
The first user that got back to us thanking us for the help DayCape provided for their kids.

What are the biggest challenges you face?
Scaling up and reaching more kids with autism.

Do you have any tips or advice for all the other young social entrepreneurs and start-ups to bring their projects on the success track?
Do as much as possible as early as possible. Even if it seems like a far away goal start working on the first step as soon as possible. The more you do work the more you have to test, get feedback and show to stalkeholders.