Young Digital Transformation @ the EYA Festival

Your ideas. Your event. Your agenda. Here is the preliminary program for the EYA Festival 2013. First-class workshops,   keynotes by renowned speakers and casual get-togethers are waiting for you when the European Youth Award takes you to Graz, Capital of Architecture & UNESCO City of Design, from November 28-30.


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Awesome Agenda!


For winners only!

15:00 | Meet Up: EYA First Get2Gether
Hotel Daniel, Europaplatz 1


16:00-17:00 | Festival City Graz: Exploring Tour
Meeting point: Hauptplatz, Fountain


17:15-18:30 | Excellence for Ears and Eyes: Opening of the EYA Festival 2013
Lightening talks and official opening
Town Hall Graz, Hauptplatz 1

Siegfried Nagl, Mayor of Graz, Peter A. Bruck, Honorary President ICNM


18:30-21:00 | Friends, Fans & Family: Social networking @ the Town Hall
Find friends, network for the evening

Town Hall Graz, Hauptplatz 1




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Location: European Centre for Modern Languages, Nikolaiplatz 4

9:00-10:45 | On The Edge: Navigating Digital Innovation Paths
Kick-Off Keynotes by international speaker: by inspired with outstanding visions and ideas!

Paul Hughes, Mark Greenspan, Igor Skunca


11:00-12:30 | EYA World Café I: New Innovation Landscapes
Internationally renowned speakers share their knowledge with you

Richard Adams, Mark Greenspan, Nigel Hickson, Frank Kappe, Igor Skunca, Michael Wildling


12:30-13:30 | Workshop Sessions I: Creative Innovation Practices
Workshops for winners and festival participants. Topics to be announced.

Niki Ernst, Paul Hughes, Kerstin Kollmann, Andreas Rehklau & Bianca Prommer, Brane Semolic


13:30-14:30 | Lunch | Free Time


14:30-17:30 | Experience Excellence: Europe's Best Practice for Social Good!
Winning project teams' presentations

Moderator: James Norwood, EAL, DK


17.30-18.30 | Decide Your Business Model: Workshop with Campus02 students
Developing strategic decision bases for business models with student groups Campus02

For winners only!

18:30-20:30 | Mulling Wine: Glühwein @ Xmas Market


19:30-22:00 | Final Choice: Speakers' Dinner and Jury Meeting
For jurors only to decide the European Young Digital Champion!




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Location: European Centre for Modern Languages, Nikolaiplatz 4

9:00-9:45 | Breakfast Bashing: How to keep going after the first success!
Successful start-up founders sharing their business experience and adventures.

Niki Ernst, Mathias Haas, Adam Montandon


10:00-11:15 | EYA World Café II: STORY-TIME: How to run your business successfully!
Experienced entrepreneurs share their success-stories with you

Isabelle Cholette-Bachner, Domagoj Dolinsek, Gerhard Greiner, Christian Kittl, Hartwin Kostron, Jürgen Pansy


11:30-12:30 | Workshop sessions II: Digital Capacity Building
Workshops for winners and festival participants. Topics to be announced.

Rudolf Dömötör & Georg Fürlinger, Mathias Haas, Kirsten Kasch, Kerstin Kollmann, Pihla Rostedt


12:30-13:30 | EYA Dragon's Den: How to reduce energy waste in traffic
Young creative people presenting their ideas to solve problems and defending them in front of an expert jury who raises difficult questions.

Moderator: Peter A. Bruck

13:30-14:30 | Lunch | Free Time


14:30-16:30 | Young Digital Academics: Inputs & Outcomes!
Students from all over Europe share their expertise and knowledge and apply their skills directly for the EYA winning projects

Showroom with presentations, open discussion and vote for the best student project.


20:00-23:00 | Gala Ceremony: Honoring Excellence // Transform Society with Internet and Mobiles

19:00: VIP Cocktail | By invitation only!
19:30: Entry | Dom im Berg, Schloßbergplatz 1

Moderators: Peter A. Bruck, Adam Montandon


23:00-...? | After Party: Celebrating Excellence
in kind cooperation with / ppc, Neubaugasse 6 / HVOB LIVE (StilVorTalent/AT)




For winners only!

11:15-12:30 | Global Huddle: Share your experience!
Reviewing results and emotions: new knowledge, new friendships, new ideas!

Hotel Daniel, Europaplatz 1


Departures (Time to cry your eyes out :'-)