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As the EYA Festival is coming closer, there is only one thing missing:

an awesome, innovative and outstanding design - fitting the creative EYA community – for the EYA conference bag!

Therefore, the EYA team decided that it's time for another challenge - another special activity - another opportunity for the EYA community to show its creativity!

Simply put: time for the...


Your task:
Send us a creative design (maximum size: 28 x 30 cm) for the EYA conference bag (white, cotton)! It can be a visual, a photo a funny poem - whatever you have in mind. Be creative!

But stop! There is one restriction - to make it not too easy for you ;) - you may only use 4 colors: EYA-blue, EYA-pink, black & white!

Your prize:
We will award the best bag-design with an awesome (what could be fitting
better for a BAG-Challenge?! ;))...



By October 27, 2014, 14.00 CET, the best pictures (pre-selection by EYA internal jury) will be uploaded to a gallery on the EYA Facebook page. The photo with the most likes by November 3, 13.00 CET, wins.

Therefore - take action:

1. Read the Rules & Facts


3. Vote!