Winners 2012



Meet the EYA 2012 Winners !

12 projects coming from 8 European countries have been selected by the EYA GRAND JURY 2012 as the best ones using ICTs to take action on the UN MDGs!

The EYA winning teams were invited to the EYA Festival which took place in November 2012 in Graz, UNESCO City of Design, Austria.


Discover Europe´s Best Young Activits creating outstanding digital content for social good:


Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease!:

I Mirabilia, Italy

Drawing on interviews and observations in a childrenʼs hospital, three dolls were designed to help overcome specific emotional difficulties faced by children in this situation: guilt, shyness and lonelyness. The different interactions triggered by the dolls enable the children to improve their relations hips and make new connections with the people within the hospital, such as doctors, psychologists and other children.

Producer: Erika Rossi


Education for All!:

Rooftops at dawn - literative walk, Hungary
The product, an application is a mixture of an book, a city walk and an exhibition experience – brought to you on location. The interactive urban walk provides a new way to experience classic literature as well as to experience the city as never before, along with being able to discover parts of local history embedded into a new digital framework.
Producer: Juli Agnes Mata
Co-Producer: Anna Janko, Julia Oravecz
Mladiinfo - Your Link to Free Education, Macedonia
“Mladiinfo – Your Link to Free Education” is an initiative which uses new and social media as a tool for empowering disadvantaged youth from developing countries to realize their full potential and to be proactive in their community, and thus contribute towards more democratic social development. We achieve this through providing information on educational and volunteering opportunities, trainings, internships, competitions etc. 
Producer: Bistra Kumbaroska

Power 2 Women!:


Aura. A set of wearable devices for expectant parents, Italy

Aura is a set of wearable devices for expecting couples: a dress for the pregnant woman and a wristband for her partner. The devices let the couple explore the limits of communication, privacy and intimacy in a tangible way.
Producer: Marco Righetto

Create your culture!:


Wissen • Teilen • Können , Austria
Wissen • Teilen • Können is a web-platform that enables people to find others in their field of interest, and as a next step, meet each other in real life to help exchange, learn and develop certain skills together.
Producer: Lilija Tchourlina
Co-Producer: Matthias Jungwirth, Franz Torghele, Wolfgang Vogl
Fair Play Anti-Corruption Youth Voices, Belgium
Fair Play is a global competition for music videos by young bands (18-35 years) on the theme of anti-corruption. The Fair Play website serves as a platform to discover socially engaged artists from around the world!
Producer:  Raphael Shepard
Co-Producer: Matt Clark
Hiboo, books to explore, France
Hiboo is a collection of digital books for teenagers on the iPad.Each book is chosen according to editorial choices based on travel, adventure and fantasy.The approach is to offer tools for reading, an immersive environment, an interactive edge and community-based solutions for a new reading experience.  
Producer: Céline Kniebihler
Co-Producer: Laurie Illan, Nicolas Bages, Guillaume Gouessan, Fabien Roché
Life Needs Internet, Netherlands
Life Needs Internet shows eight of these letters and video-portraits that altogether portray the complete evolution of our global digitalization and its impact on societies. By looking at our digital world through a traditional technique like the handwritten letter, Life Needs Internet shows very personal and intimate stories that portray a global and digital process.
Producer: Jeroen van Loon

Go Green!:

EcoCheck, Germany
Which title would one give todays age? It would certainly be difficult to find a definite answer considering the huge amount of materials and substances available to us today. But we can be certain that as the resources needed to create these raw materials are growing shorter and shorter, consumers must adapt to a more economical use. This important trend towards an ecologically conscious consumption can be seen even today in the large range of recycled products available. ökoCheck (ecoCheck) Papier therefore strives not only to portray paper as the everyday material that we know, but also provide background information and make the user aware of its environmental impact.
Producer: Corbinian Kling
Co-Producer: Maximilian Maier, Alexander Renner
Climate for Children, Macedonia
Climate change is potentially one of the most critical issues facing the world.  Involving the children in the climate change awareness process and teaching them about the consequences for their actions would have a great impact of the world’s future. Climate for Children is a prototype of multimedia interactive presentations and games which will be used on interactive boards in classroom.
Producer: Darko Bozhinoski


Pursue Truth!:

Findia, A Journalism -, Charity- and Art Project, Austria
The main aims of Findia is Awareness rising and to deliver knowledge to educate, to break with stereotypes and to bring detailed and colorful information into an often black and white thinking world. Findia gathers first-hand information on less reported topics and share this one as Multimedia Products via Social Media as well via classical Media Channels.
Producer: Maria Kamptner, Mathias Haas
Co-Producer:AnnaMaria Haas, Philipp Benedikt, Lora Tasseva, Stephan Hamberger, Christina Feistritzer, Daniel Mayer
International Reporters, Germany
International Repoters is an online magazine for topics of sustainable development and culture run by 40 young reporters from 22 nations. We portray people with great life stories, share insights into our cultures and aim to share the perspectives of young people across the world.
Prodcuer: Carina Schmid
Co-Producer: Ben Eve, Michael Nientiedt, Martin Wauligmann, Chung Dao Thuy, Meryem Simsek