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Connor Sattely from America and Tudor Mihailescu from Romania moved to Switzerland to fight the politic frustration of millions of Europeans together with their team. Their social network GovFaces convinced the Festival Grand Jury as it addresses the most important needs in democratic societies....
Initially started as a small student project at the Technical University, the Viennese start-up Flaming O’s won the EYA 2013 with their mobile game Woody, the timber worm. But they did not rest on their laurels: they made future plans, set new goals and kept on working in their spare time to...
“By joining hearts and voices, individuals, communities and societies can transform the world every day and everywhere.”, states UNAIDS on their website. Digital technologies offer the possibilities to enhance and alleviate this transformation: Internet and Mobiles are powerful forces...
Factories are commonly producing things. But commun things are nothing for true innovators like Adam Montandon and Steffie Limère who continuously work on inspiring young people in Denmark. Therefore, they are opening up a factory producing ideas! You think that’s crazy? Maybe. But it...
Since 1945, the charming Austrian village Alpbach becomes the hotbed for public discourse on relevant socio-political questions, when the European Forum takes place in August. This year not only the topic “InEquality” will be in the focus but also the empowerment of young people to take...
Winning not only EYA 2013 in the category Go Green but also the Best Business Award of the City of Graz, Wiithaa proves once again to be really innovative and creative. The design agency focusing on circular economy, up-cycling and biomimicry, thought about a new way to open up these complex topics...

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Francesca Ronchi, Italy

John Buckley, Ireland

Dušica Birovljević, Serbia

Darko Bozhinoski, Macedonia

Carina Schmid, Germany

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