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Connor Sattely from America and Tudor Mihailescu from Romania moved to Switzerland to fight the politic frustration of millions of Europeans together with their team. Their social network GovFaces convinced the Festival Grand Jury as it addresses the most important needs in democratic societies....
Mikkel Cantzler Christensen and his team mate Jonas Unmack Larsen are recognized for their artistic documentary project about the challenging life in slum areas. The Festival Grand Jury was impressed by the outstanding way of using interactive audiovisual material to create empathy. The slums...
Portuguese Awardee eSolidar perfectly knows that “Money Matters!” if you want to make a change. The City of Graz Economic Department acknowledges their efforts by selecting this innovative social business model for the “Best Business Potential Award”. Traditionally, the...
Iman and Marten, winners of EYA 2014, shared their experiences at the festival in their blog. Thank you!  Check it out:      
Knowledge and experience are two key elements of successful business. Hardly anything is more valuable than lessons taught by bright entrepreneurs knowing the ups and downs of the business world. Valuable contacts and know-how are the two things the European Youth Award Festival is all about....
Friday, November 21, afternoon, Graz University of Technology: Time and place to be for all students participating in the EYA student projects. In the course of a public poster exhibition they presented their suggestions to further develop the winning projects. All winning teams were impressed by...
On the first conference day of the EYA Festival, participants were asked to work together on the “web of needs”. Being most creative, they showed that they are the true changemakers who are ready to design Europe’s future. With the words “It is the inspiring future of...
EYA winners present their projects in a most engaging manner in front of more than 150 people. The excited audience applauded highly impressed. Listening to presentations for five hours is usually tiring. But the EYA winners talked in such a passionate way about their projects that the audience...

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Francesca Ronchi, Italy

John Buckley, Ireland

Dušica Birovljević, Serbia

Darko Bozhinoski, Macedonia

Carina Schmid, Germany

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