Did you know that 62 % of Europeans use the Internet daily? But 20 % have never used it at all? Besides the lack of need, insufficient skills are the second biggest barrier to access the Internet. But how to gain skills? Recognizing the increasing digitization of our world related skills are of...
Since 1945, the charming Austrian village Alpbach becomes the hotbed for public discourse on relevant socio-political questions, when the European Forum takes place in August. This year not only the topic “InEquality” will be in the focus but also the empowerment of young people to take...
How much control kills democracy? Freedom from fear in a diverse society? Is learning of democratic culture adequate today? Is freedom of expression and information a reality? Four burning topics will be in the focus of this year’s World Forum for Democracy. When the World Forum for Democracy...
Time for a cup of tea? Only for this picture ;) Since Tom, Andi and Barbara have received the EYA-Award in the category Connecting Cultures in 2014, a lot of work has been done and even more happened. Beginning of May they launched a new version of BuddyMe with a completely different and even...
The demand for services of past year's winning project AhaDesign is growing quickly. Rebranded and named now CrowdSkills it connects talented unemployed youngsters with businesses through a freelance platform. The demand has just hit £100k and Marten and Iman even expect the next £...
Great news to announce: Darko's project Climate for Children which has won WSYA and EYA in 2012, has been selected among 800 applicants as one of the 76 semi-finalists in the Technology Idea 2015 competition, a part of the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative....
Did you know that every smartphone contains about 40 different minerals? The supply chain of phones is long. There is much room to improve and play fair and socially-responsible in the economic system. Fairphone does not only put this into action but also created a new design matching the user...

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